Helping you embrace the media
In our One day Media Training Program delegates will engage in simulated interviews and press conference scenarios. We teach you the elements of how to manage the media, understand media platforms, provide effective communnication and assist methods by which to approach the media.
Headed by Samm Marshall, our team have mastered their craft in various media sectors.

The Concept Of Media Training

The real esssence of effective communication is to be as much of yourself as possible and to represent your to the best advantage in any situation. Coming across as contrived or brash, could hurt your brand and could affect future relationships with media houses or journalists. The fact is media can provide you with enormous opportunities to get your message across to the right audience. If you don't recognize this opportunity and exploit the setuation, you can find yourself frustrated and five steps back from where you were.

Helping you embrace the media

In our Media Training Programme, delegates will engage with the facilitator on pertinent organizational matters in simulated interviews and press conference scenarios. Designed around real day-to-day issues, this one-day training programme is customised for Government bodies, Communication department, CEO's, Corporate companies and Senior management. We teach you the basic elements of how to manage the media, understand the media platforms, provide effective communication and assist in developing intergrated methods by which to approach the media

At the end of the programme, participants will feel better equipped to handle situations, cope under pressure, and feel greater degree of confidence when interfacing with the media in crisis or non-crisis situations. Delegates will be asked targeted questions on pertinent company matters, with each live interview recorded by a hard news camera crew. The footage will then be played back, carefully assessed and critiqued, providing each participantan unique opportunity to be assessed. A detailed verbal and written evaluation will be provided to department heads at the conclusion of the taining programme

This is a very exciting course that will give the ability to work in the media industry and give you the tools to further your growth industry wide.
It's a 6weeks Media Training Course that takes place at the SABC in Auckland Park.
It is media training program with a diffrence. The Workshop consists of various elements which include: Radio, Television, Presenting and much more...
The course is presented by Samm Marshall and features different mentors that have mastered their craft in the various media sectors.
The price is R5000 for 6weeks.

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